Anonymous asked:

I'm feeling down. Could you tell me a cute Oliver/boyfriend story?

j0ye answered:

a cute oliver story and a cute boyfriend story or one with both? fuck it i’ll tell some

oliver is old enough to have a grasp on adorable concepts but can’t quite execute them, so every night when i tuck him into bed he says, “goodnight! i love you! have a dream!”

i keep getting these weird old lady magazines like with recipes and shit (i never signed up for them and they followed me to my new apartment) and apparently this issue was an october one, and on the cover are these fucking cupcakes with little ghosts on them, and the other day oliver was mad at me like the entire day because i told him i couldn’t make the “ghost cakes” for him and he told me today, “i’m going to run away to the red house (what he calls my parents’ house) and gamma will make the ghost cakes for me, and then i’m going to come back home and eat them and you can’t have any of them.” mind you my parents live three hours away.

darrell taught oli to say, “check yourself before you wreck yourself, m8”. that’s all i need to say.